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Jaslow Drum Sheets

Drum transcriptions by Evan Aria Serenity

* Site still under construction *

I'm still in the process of proofreading and reformatting some albums, so those are hidden for the time being.

- Updates -

New Storefront is now live!

The new version of the storefront is now live! This new site uses the store builder in Payhip itself. For the reasons behind it and what has changed, please see the About Me / FAQ / Contact section.

YouTube channel launched!

I am now posting my transcriptions on YouTube, with a new video going live every day. Drum covers and other content (potentially on another channel) will be coming in the future. Subscribe @JaslowDrumSheets.

Print books will be returning!

After much deliberation on the formatting and potential, I will making all of my full album transcriptions available as print books through Amazon KDP. Links will be added to the bottom of the description for each album as they become available.